27 nov 2022

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Hey There,

Your personal info out of your gadgets was copied to my very own storage space with a assistance from my bespoken virus via the wi-fi network, I had the opportunity to access your system thru the wireless gadget you have been connected to, a couple of weeks earlier & now have all the online-passwords & access to your social networking email, contact information, and more.

The drivers type and its additional on line fingerprints constantly changes & isn't trackable nor it's noticeable by other anti-virus apps.
There is more, however., i additionally have an access to your webcam along with your web browser history & what's occurring in your display screen. And so I seen that you love to visit several mature web-sites & you do that often & you probably now know exactly why I hung around this long to message you. Therefore anyways I glued several of your masturbating video footage together with the display footage & now I demand an oscar. It is now your call to be able to determine if this specific video and a lot of your private data will be revealed to all your contact information online community friends or maybe not. I'm assuming that this can really harm your reputation.

But there's definitely one way to correct this: You'll need to send me 1500 $ (USD) using BTC (equivalent at the date of the change itself).

If this will occur I guarantee to get rid of all of your info from my internet hosting space and i'll just forget about you. My BTC transaction address: 35SqFdHM6jbG8HyLCznbQHyUMww4uMyHN5

Just search on line exactly how get or send bitcoin if you do not understand how.

This is a tracable message & i'll know once it's read. The address is also not tracked and there isn't any reason for answering me. There are now 2 days from the time you read it to transmit me the finances.

The data will be revealed to the public if you attempt get in touch with police force or find additional third party solutions, and there is furthermore zero point in changing online passwords to your social network, gadgets, or whichever, as i have already saved every little thing to the servers.

Now it is your decision to perhaps behave stupid or carefully consider your possible future and act smart.